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The Future of UX Insights

• Interaction Design
• Visual Design
• Prototyping
• User Research
• Architecture
• Development

With InsightDog, our efforts revolved around crafting and deploying a cutting-edge, cloud-based solution. This solution seamlessly facilitated the monitoring of user workflows while identifying pain points within the user experience. Furthermore, it empowered us to respond to user concerns proactively and efficiently, ensuring a seamless and enhanced experience.

On the InsightDog Dashboard youll get a full overview of all your workflows along with useful metrics and helpful insights into user actions

Web Dashboard Design

One dashboard, many views

To comprehend the nuances of InsightDog’s intricate workflow dynamics while ensuring an intuitive and effective experience, we crafted a streamlined interface.

This interface allows for meticulous scrutiny of workflow performance metrics, enabling the implementation of data-driven strategies to optimize and enhance operations.

User Flows

Pinpoint friction-causing actions

Create an interface that enables users to obtain a thorough understanding of the detailed metrics associated with each workflow.

As a result of this seamless interaction and the synergy of these elements, the User Flows feature empowers a thorough examination of workflow dynamics.

The User Flows page offers granular data on the individual actions that make up workflows

Insights gathered from user interview sessions informed the iterative design process for features

User Research

Engaging with users directly

Identify areas where improvement is needed and ensure the product closely aligns with the expectations and requirements of our target users. Determine the critical focus areas for prioritization on the roadmap.

We gathered valuable insights by conducting interviews with multiple UX designers and a user researcher. Their perspectives provided valuable input on the user experience and contributed to a comprehensive understanding of the overall business requirements.


Unleash the power of the cloud

Produce a robust architecture characterized by ease of development, maintenance, and support, while also exhibiting high scalability and adherence to pertinent industry standards.

We opted for a cloud-based approach utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our microservices architecture. This strategic decision facilitated the expansion of InsightDog’s capabilities. With this, there was a benefit for development and support, stemming from the component-based design intrinsic to this architecture.

We chose a cloud based approach specifically Amazon Web Services AWS for our microservices architecture

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