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Collect Your Interests, All In One Place

• Interaction Design
• Prototyping
• Persona Development
• User Research

Huebi is a mobile application that aggregates and curates information from various online sources and collates it for the user in one place. It provides tailored recommendations based on the user’s reading habits and interests. The AI engine adapts to the user’s reading habits, utilizing articles they save, share, or skip to create a highly personalized list of reading recommendations. 

Guiding the user

We designed a user interface for informed and efficient online reading. It includes capabilities for easy categorization and retrieval of articles based on personal interests.

The prototype

We utilized Figma’s mobile app to showcase realistic interactions, providing an authentic user experience.

Define the user

We pinpointed the primary target demographics for the Huebi application. Although there may be additional groups that could find value in the app, our focus centered on Gen Z and Millennials.

Validating the concept

We used the prototype in user interviews to validate our design decisions, gathering crucial feedback to align with user needs and preferences.

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