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Conquer The Cosmos

• Interaction Design
• Visual Design
• Character Development

Our commitment extended beyond creating captivating visuals; we also meticulously assembled an extensive style guide. The style guide serves as a comprehensive blueprint, capturing the vision for a futuristic mobile battle game. It not only outlines the color palettes, typography, and design principles but also dives deep into the narrative and thematic elements that permeate the game’s universe.

Visualize the gameplay

We created an immersive, functional interface for seamless spacecraft command and decision-making in interstellar combat. We crafted intuitive and visually striking elements for ship controls, crew displays, and information panels that blend futuristic aesthetics with user-friendliness.

Experience the battlefield

We established the visual design for an immersive, event-based space combat screen. The UI provides an engaging and visually rich experience that enhances participation in the interstellar gameplay.

Develop the characters

The primary aim is to engage players by offering a crew that feels integral to their space combat experience, adding depth to the game’s narrative. We developed a roster of unique characters, paying attention to rank, role, attire, and facial expressions to convey the individuality and expertise of each character.

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